Our Philosophy

Software must be efficient and simple to save time and money.
Stripped-down operating concepts and streamlined workflows to reduce costs and save valuable time are our main goal.
We achieve this goal together with our developers and partners by judicious control concepts, sophisticated logic and highest demands on ourselves.
From basic tools for specific tasks to large and complex systems – your software is developed using advanced technologies to accelerate your company’s success.


Our company focusses on consultation and streamlining your needs with external software architects, engineers, programmers, and consultants from CyanCor.
Through years of working as consultants and product managers in different companies and managing diverse hard- and software portfolios, we realized that few companies have the expertise and human resources to follow the most important ideals of software development.
Driven by this realization, we got together and founded a partnership as the engine for better, more straightforward and productive solutions.

For your company, your employees and the software that you use every day.


White –Resulting color of additive color mixing, not only does White stand for our knowledge about light and its properties but is a symbol for purity of thoughts
Grey – Resulting color of subtractive color mixing, Grey stands for our knowledge in industrial material testing while at the same time is a symbol for neutrality

Being well aware of cultural viewpoints of both colors in cultures and religions around the world, we want to see our company name apart from cultural and philosophical discussions and reservations, but establish ourselves as the link between technology and philosophy, combining all aspects of the former into the most favorable solution for our clients.